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Here, I’d just like to end on a personal mea culpa. A few years ago, I co-wrote an article for the Atlantic that asked whether Millennials would ever buy houses or cars quite the way their parents did, and spent a bit too much time focusing on cultural explanations for their changing consumer habits rather than focusing on the obvious financial challenges my cohorts were facing. It was titled “The Cheapest Generation.” In retrospect, a more appropriate title would have obviously been the “The Brokest Generation.” 1

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We will extract outcomes related to how digital storytelling impacts the research process (e.g. participants’ engagement and role in the research process, ethical considerations and procedures as described by the researchers in the article, researchers’ and participants’ narrative comments or evaluation of using digital storytelling, findings/conclusions of the study that are relevant to the digital storytelling method, and knowledge translation initiatives).

A specialized healthcare librarian will conduct a rigorous search of the literature for potentially eligible studies. Informed by a preliminary literature search for ‘digital storytelling’ and its variants, a MEDLINE database search strategy, reflecting the range of possible terminology to capture studies relevant to digital storytelling will be translated for each additional database to be searched (see Additionalfile 2 ). We will use search tools and strategies specific to each database, including truncation of keywords where appropriate, use of thesaurus terms and subject headings, and combining terms and search strings with the appropriate Boolean operators. We will search the following databases and resources: MEDLINE, PsycINFO, Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Web of Science (incorporating Social Sciences Citation Index and Arts Humanities Citation Index), Art Full Text, Art Bibliographies Modern, and Google Scholar. We will search the reference lists of identified articles for additional studies, and forward citations of identified articles will be retrieved using the tools available in resources such as Scopus and Google Scholar. We will search for ongoing or recently completed trials in Gigi Diamante Earrings The Fashion Bible W3pxHpd
and the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform. We will also search for grey literature in the Dissertations Theses database, in targeted websites, including StoryCenter [ 32 ], Patient Voices [ 33 ], and Community Story Collective [ 34 ], and by using a limited version of the search strategy in Google.

We will export the search results from the databases to an EndNote library where we will identify and remove duplicate citations, and manage all records. We will use a two-step process for screening retrieved articles. Two independent reviewers will screen titles and abstracts against inclusion criteria following the removal of duplicates, and we will label each study as include, exclude, or unsure. The full text for all articles classified as include or unsure will be retrieved. These articles will be examined independently by two reviewers and evaluated as include or exclude using a screening form (see Additionalfile Black reptile printed shopping bag Maison Martin Margiela INs66r6B1i
). We will resolve all disagreements through discussion, and if necessary, a third reviewer will adjudicate unresolved differences.

Three Day Potty Training Potty Train your Child in 3 Days Flat

A 3-day potty training is a method that parents use, especially mothers, to teach their child the proper transition of pooping and peeing in their diapers to pooping and peeing in a potty. However, using a quick method of toilet training doesn’t guarantee that the toddler will fully learn and be fully trained of using a potty in just three days.

Upon training your toddler on using a potty, you should also be prepared of minor accidents that might happen during the process and even after you’ve doe the initial 3-day training session. Everything that happens in potty training is normal because this is a critical stage for your child as he steps up in a more challenging stage. There’s no guarantee that everything will be easy and smooth-flowing but this guide will surely be a great help for you in potty training your child in 3 days.

Potty training is one of the biggest milestones of a toddler’s life. This is where he starts to do things on his own.

This is also a challenge for parents because training your child how to poo and pee by himself, sometimes,may not be that easy. According to experts there are several strategies to know when letting your child learn how to use the comfort room.

What is Potty Training?

This is teaching your child how to urinate and defecate in the comfort room. In this way, they will not need to use diapers. This is a big milestone for children so it should be done over time and by using patience.

There is no specific age for this endeavor. When you think that your child is ready then start the training. You will know when he is ready when he starts to show an interest in using the CR. He could also be ready when he knows how to pull down his underwear by himself.

Most toddlers who are ready also feel discomfort every time they wet their diapers. Lastly, when a toddler is ready they will also know how to signal you when they feel like urinating or defecating.

Preparing Yourself for 3 Days of Potty Training Method

In potty training your toddler, aside from ensuring that he is already prepared for the process, you also have to be the one who’s especially prepared for the task. As a parent, it’s essential that you have to take the experience as a stress-free one so that it will have a successful result.

You have to be relaxed about it and allow yourself to have a less stiff approach on how to deal with your baby boy’s three days potty training. For you to be more enlightened and have a prepared mindset of the things that you have to do for your child, consider the following tips:

Don’t set too much expectations . If possible, let go of the fixed ideas that you want to happen because there’s still no assurance that everything will go according to plan. Be aware of the complications or problems that may happen during the process.
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What is the locale fallback process for custom widget text? For example, user has locale setto Italian, and I have a Web Widget with localizations for contactForm title in English and Spanish. What value will Web Widget display to these users?

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Hi Zac:It would likely fall back to English but I recommend that if you are creating custom text strings for some langugaes you could just add the '*': 'Preferred_text_for_all_others' as well and it would display the * string if the other specified locales aren't in use.


@Erica - thanks for that. Somehow, I thought the "*" string would override all of the strings for my other locales.

François Voron

I'm trying to use the `suppress` option on the contactForm, but strangely, this completely hides the widget. Have to pop it manually using zE.show(). Is it intended behaviour or am I doing something wrong?


Erica Wass

@Francois: I created a ticket so that we can help you troubleshoot.


How could we add a simple link for customers to download our TeamViewer QuickSupport applet when we are signed in to Chat.

Thank you,

Steve Platz


We have a case where our client is managing the widget embed code in Google Tag Manager. Design is dictating that the launcher widget meet certain specs. Is it advisable in this case to simply modify the launcher with a pure CSS approach? I understand the widget is regularly updated, and I don't want to be in a situation where we're continually having to update the style code to accommodate.

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Hi Scott,

Federal Communications Commission 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554
Federal Communications Commission